Radiant Redhead Barbie by Bob Mackie: 2001

I’d seen online photos of this doll but they just didn’t excite me — until I saw her in person. I did not expect to be blown away by this doll, but that is exactly what happened. She is one of the nicest dolls I’ve seen. The quality of her gown is outstanding.

That said, my first instinct was to keep the dress and sell the doll since I have too many dolls but couldn’t take my eyes off the gown! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I could not find any seams I was willing to risk opening in order to remove it from her. This dress is stitched on … big time. And I was not willing to risk it; she and the gown are too exquisite. Besides, I don’t have a single doll that could do it more justice than the gorgeous doll intended for it.

I need to find the picture of her shoes and add it. They are so cool!

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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