Avon Representative Barbie: 1998

Every Avon brand Barbie I’ve seen has been of excellent quality: dolls, clothes, and accessories. Mattel produced and released the Avon Representative Barbie in 1998. She wears a chic fitted professional jacket and skirt; she came in three versions,: light, medium, and dark skin tones. The light skinned doll is blonde wearing a pink jacket, the medium skinned doll has brown hair and wears a light blue jacket, the dark skinned doll has black hair and wears a soft yellow jacket.

After seeing so many of the Avon Barbies and how nice the quality is on all of them, I admit it does give me a very positive image of the Avon brand. If they care that much about the quality of the Barbies that represent their brand, then it makes sense that they would care as much if not more about the quality of all their products.

Full disclosure, I do not use nor am I familiar with their products beyond the Barbie dolls I’ve seen in comparison with other Barbies. My point being, from a market branding position, the quality and attention to detail of their Barbie dolls relative to their original price points indicate or hint that they could’ve cut a lot more corners to save money, but they didn’t; and it shows. As a result, I am left with the impression that they likely would take the same approach with their core products.

Living the brand versus simply talking about it, which also comes through in the Avon Mrs. PFE Albee Barbie editions (which I will be posting as I make my way through more photos).

You can zoom in to read the back of the box, which conveys the Avon Representative standards and commitment to service. Very nice doll!

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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