Silkstone Lisette Barbie modeling High Stepping Fashion Set

Silkstone Lisette Barbie is presented here modeling the complete High Stepping (for Silkstone) Fashion Set with a Continental Holiday (for Silkstone) skirt and handbag added for greater versatility. Lisette has blonde hair and light blue eyeshadow. Mattel sold her new wearing a light blue/green satin ballgown, black stockings, and black shoes.

The High Stepping Fashion Set for Silkstone Barbie is sold separately. After seeing it in the box, I had to see what it actually looks like on a doll!

After removing it from the box and seeing how exquisite the velvet blazer is, I added the Continental Holiday skirt as it is almost the exact same color as the riding pants. Voila! More outfit options by adding one separate. (The blazer looks great with the skirt!)

The High Stepping Fashion Set for Silkstone Barbie when new in the box includes

  • navy velvet blazer
  • white blouse
  • brooch
  • navy & white satin vest
  • riding britches
  • short black gloves
  • riding helmet
  • riding crop
  • tall boots
  • Certificate of Authenticity

OOAK is short for “One Of A Kind.” (One of the first things I learned from customers when I started selling online.) What makes them OOAK? They are presented in a way that isn’t singularly available from the manufacturer (in this case Mattel).

[Author’s Update & Clarification 8/1/18: OOAK = One Of A Kind. The above is how too many of us use it when selling dolls online in any form other than factory ready. For a discussion on OOAKs, see comments at the end of this post, as well as the next post My introduction to OOAKs.] 

When purchased new in the box, Lisette wears a soft blue/green satin evening gown (shown here) with black velvet bodice, black petticoat for added fullness, long black gloves, stockings and shoes.

The Lisette Silkstone gown has snap back closures and a lovely detachable brooch. The quality is superb!

Like most (if not all) Silkstone dolls, Lisette comes with a protective hairnet, which you can see in the closeup photos.

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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  1. Linda Moody says:

    OOAK term is so loose for some and extensive for others. When just changing an outfit or up doing hair seems almost cheating to me when there are those out there, so tallented, they redue/inhance by repainting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyDollStory says:

      I am sooo glad you said this! This topic is worthy of its own post, so I will make that the next post! This is such an important topic!!!


    2. MyDollStory says:

      I am so inspired by you bringing this up! I feel the same way when people list clothes as Silkstone and they are not; and it happens a LOT. So, ever since you posted this comment I’ve been listing my new “nude” dolls as NUDE instead of OOAK. I hadn’t thought about it because I was learning from what I was seeing others doing. But you are absolutely right! I’m going to make OOAKs the topic of the next post, but want to include photos (with permission) of some I’ve seen to show an example. Love this!


  2. Glenna says:

    These clothes are beautiful! Set-up is outstanding. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

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