Diva, Gone Platinum: 2001

This is the doll that hooked me on white marabou for added glow in photos. To this point I’d seen and photographed a lot of marabou that comes with the dolls, but always in different colors. And always annoying, frankly, for reasons I won’t go into here, but definitely have plans to do an entire post — with humor, much humor — on my ongoing challenges with marabou. But I digress.

Notice how the light reflects all those tiny wispy fibers in a way that frames and gives her face a soft filtered-like glow? While photographing it I couldn’t believe the difference just by moving the boa slightly to catch the light or moving the light to better reflect off the marabou. According to my computer file, I’ve done more than 27,000 Barbie related photographs, yet I’m just now learning about this white marabou thing for natural added glow. Really? You’d think I would’ve learned that by now.

The Diva, Gone Platinum Barbie was released in 2001. I added the microphone for the photos; it is not included, although seems odd that they would create a Diva doll wearing all that silver and marabou and not package a microphone with her. But, I’m sure Mattel had a reason. I mean, the classic 1960 Barbie Solo In The Spotlight came with a stand microphone. As did the reproduction of her. Very nice doll and great outfit!

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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