My introduction to OOAK (One Of A Kind) dolls

When I began buying and later selling dolls online little more than a year ago, like most new sellers, I was — and am — learning as I go.

One of the first terms I came across was OOAK Barbie. I had several dolls without boxes that I needed to list for sale and had no idea what category or type (and all the other dropdown boxes they want you to checkbox) but I saw a lot of just nude dolls listed as OOAK, so I concluded it to be a very broad term sellers used to categorize dolls that aren’t factory in-tact dolls/clothes.

I was thinking of it, rightly or wrongly, from a copyright standpoint. Meaning, once changed or altered, it no longer meets the collective copyright. That said, of course, I also came across truly one of a kind dolls that had been repainted, restyled, redressed… the complete other end of the spectrum in terms of the true definition of ONE of a kind!

Unfortunately, at this time, because the true OOAKs were (and are) way outside my budget, I don’t have any examples to photograph yet. There are several I’m aware of that I’m hoping to contact to ask for photos with their permission and links that I can post here.

I mentioned OOAKs in the previous post and was reminded of the category listing challenge when a fellow collector commented about the too-broad use of the term, especially on ebay, and thought it the obvious next topic! (I will add photos and update this post as I learn more!)

But then I also went back to my own “OOAK” listings and thought, well, then which of the limited categories and types should I put them in if “everyone else” is putting them in OOAKs? Duh. NUDE. (And since when am I eager to do what everyone else is doing simply because they’re doing it?)

Now, as I list (or re-list) any NUDE dolls for sale that are just that, nude, I start the listing in all caps NUDE and I stopped checking the OOAK box and guess what. That was three days ago after reading and considering her comments. Those dolls are getting more views and selling faster than the others listed as OOAK. I know.

So, know that this post is a work in progress and will be updated! (Thank you Linda!)

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