Pink evening gown by designer Badgley Mischka: 2006

As with many higher quality doll clothes, the exquisite and delicate attention to detail of this gown simply can’t be appreciated via thumbnail photos of it in a box behind a plastic window. I had to see this dress for myself.

I was considering it for one of the standard-sized dolls I’m using as a character in a doll story blog I’m writing, so rather than order it with the doll new in the box, I purchased the fashion pieces only (why I only have photos of the gown). When I received it though, it was too small for the doll I’d hoped it would fit.

The Badgley Mischka designer Barbie in pink is a Model Muse Barbie. Model Muse Barbies are skinnier than standard and classic Barbies. However, most Model Muse Barbie clothes fit Silkstone Barbies.

Its taken me a while to get my head around that fact when looking for Silkstone clothes. Again, I digress. In short, I love the delicate simplicity of this gown; it’s just so soft and pretty.

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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