Timeless Treasures silver gown by designer Bob Mackie for Cher: 2001

Yes, I’m old enough to remember my mom watching the Sonny & Cher show when I was a kid. I don’t remember much, but a few things stand out in my memory. The first being Cher’s “Sadie Thompson” vamp character in skits. The second being that she had a very large nose. (Hey, I was a little kid; it was an honest observation.) The third that she wore outrageous costumes usually with her belly button showing; and that she rarely so much as moved a muscle while singing; she just stood there perfectly still moving only her mouth and every once in a while slowly raise her arm and then slowly back down. (I noticed she didn’t move in any of her songs in the movie Welcome to Burlesque many decades later either. As a singer, I don’t know how she does that! I’ve always been fascinated by that!)

Her avant garde performance wardrobe was truly memorable and she always looked fabulous, so when I came across the Cher dolls and saw their Bob Mackie designed outfits, I had to see one!

I chose this one, Timeless Treasures Cher Doll by Bob Mackie because of all of those available, this one seems to epitomize Cher as I remember her from that show.

The Timeless Treasures Cher by Bob Mackie doll is a Model Muse Barbie, which means her gown is sized for the skinnier dolls: Model Muse and Silkstone Barbies. It is too tight across the hips and chest for classic and standard sized Barbies.

The original package contains the Cher doll wearing this fashion set, which includes the gown, shoes, cuff-bracelets, marabou boa, and Certificate of Authenticity.

I did not purchase the doll, only the gown, hence only photos of the gown.

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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