When taking a chance on a mixed lot of doll clothes is worth the risk

Purchasing mixed lots isn’t something I do very often. Too risky. But, sometimes you can really score a great lot at a great price. You just have to look at everything as close as possible and ask about things not necessarily visible in the photos.

The clothes shown in this post are lovely nuggets from a large mixed lot I took a chance on. Yes, this one was worth the risk! About a third had to be trashed, but the rest were impeccable!

I had so much fun sorting through them all! Not knowing what went with what made it particularly fun because I didn’t feel any pressure at all to channel Mattel’s original intentions. I just saw color, texture, and themes. I had a chance to really look at the quality and detail of each individual piece. I’m learning so much!

I called this set (shown below) “Road Trip.” Considering the Route 66 logo top, the name “Road Trip” seemed rather obvious. I really liked all the colors and textures in this grouping. Deep vibrant desert colors.

These pieces shown below when combined with a pair of boots have a Southwest vibe to me. (Looking at them, I probably should’ve added a hat.)

The casual separates shown below reminded me of camp counselors when I was growing up. The prints and colors just seemed to work together!

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018

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