Ode to Granny’s “Pretties”

img_3409“Be careful with my pretties,”

She hoped we’d understand.

We did … and we didn’t,

But respected her command.


img_3407Granny had these oddities,

Little they had in common,

She called them little “pretties,”

and liked to gaze upon them.


img_3401Others called them chachkis,

Nicknacks and thingamajigs,

But Granny called them “pretties.”

She was the only one who did!


img_3397But that was many years ago,

Decades of moons, alas.

Gone, is she, now a Granny am I,

her voice distant and past.


img_3418I smile to reflection,

Her “pretties” close to mind,

As I gaze upon my own this time,

Such delicate and lovely finds.


img_3405For now I finally understand,

What & why they mattered.

I wonder if she knew that too,

That I’d one day share that with her.


Poem & photos by Krystyn Hartman (c) 2019.

PS: I posted this on my personal blog at MyBlueDragon.com last month and thought it fit here too!

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