Oooooo new red handcrafted wood furniture for the doll Cafe

Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.” — Liz Smith

So excited! I’d been asking Bob (my amazing husband), a woodworker (when he has time), if he would make a red chair and sofa for my diorama setups. (I photograph these for my online listings for sale, as well as for the story set).


Photographing black and white clothes against white backgrounds has unique challenges, so I thought, hmmm… incorporate a piece of red somehow, which led me to think of red furniture. Bob can’t stand the thought of “painting” wood, but said he’d think about it; which was months ago. Then, all of a sudden: voila!

Coat, hat, scarf, belt are from the City Seasons Winter in New York Barbie set, produced late 1990s. Very nice quality & detail.

I know! They’re so cool! I’m exploring ideas for cushions of different fabrics that I can change out depending on the scene or setup. I’ll post more as I figure that out.


By the way, the quotes on this and a lot of these doll posts are grabbed at random from my Franklin planners; am adding them as reminders that I need to write specifically about this particular set.

I have so many photos I need to just get them up here so I can delete them from my computer files. I will more add info later!


Cherry dress is from a Barbie Fashion Avenue set. White faux fur stole lined in red satin is from one of the holiday Barbie sets.
Red shoes are from the Barbie Millicent Roberts Picnic Perfect fashion set.

Photos © 2018 by Krystyn Hartman


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