Old theatre photos make excellent diorama backdrops

These photos are practice shots from a scene I’m working on for the Back Talk Cafe story.


The backdrop is an actual photograph of an old shuttered theatre in a tiny rural town that we drive through at least once a year. (We are easily distracted by cool old buildings and structures.)


By dinking with the colorizing, my husband can print it out in different color tones and saturations, which helps give it a mood or ambiance. We’ve got others I’m eager to try out as backdrops too!

By lightening up the photo and playing with the color saturations, we can print out different colorized versions of the same structure photos. Here it is lightened to pink tones.

I made the little suitcases shown in the scene by glueing fabric to lightweight card stock. I strung beads for the little handles. I’m in a glueing fabric phase or something because I love making those little suitcases!

Maybe its harkening to childhood days with Elmers Glue, but I do like making these little boxes.

And I simply like the doll: the Disney Fairy Godmother doll from the most recent Cinderella movie; the big ringlet curls, the wide eyes, she looks like Helena Bonham Carter, the actress who played the Fairy Godmother character. I bought it for a considerable discount with the intention of reselling but when it arrived even better than expected, I decided pretty quick that the Back Talk Cafe story definitely needs a Fairy Godmother.

I’m thinking this scene will make it into Chapter 3, which I’m working on now, but maybe Chapter 4. Haven’t quite decided…

Photos © 2018 by Krystyn Hartman

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