More black & white fashion separates for Barbie!

Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies. — Charles E. Jefferson

Yes, I love black & white with pops of color. If you’ve scrolled through MyDollStory photo posts, you’ve likely noticed a frequency of black & white sets with pops of color. I just love it!

img_1271The white silk shantung suit is from the City Seasons Summer in Tokyo Barbie set. The black velvet and lace dress with sheer cardigan are from the Barbie Millicent Roberts Date at Eight fashion set.

The white lace fan is from one of the Ballroom Dance Barbies, can’t remember which one. The black velveteen hat with pale green rosette is from a vintage Hallmark Barbie set. I love putting together new combinations of fashion separates from other sets.

img_1284By the way, the quotes on this and a lot of these doll posts are grabbed at random from my Franklin Planners; am adding them as reminders that I need to write specific thoughts or details about this particular doll/dress.

img_1288I have so many photos I need to just get them up here so I can delete them from my computer files. I will add info later!

Photos © 2018 by Krystyn Hartman

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