Accessories for Barbie & Fashion Royalty dolls: hats, shoes, handbags

“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” — Jean Paul

The biggest challenge I have with accessories set-ups for photos is that they’re tiny and … lets just say I’ve had to go into the vacuum bag more than a few times. Oops! But they are kind of fun to set up. I love all the little hats. I don’t put hats on the dolls very often in my doll stories because they put shadows right over their eyes or smush their hair down over their eyes, but I do enjoy photographing them on the little head mannequins!

The Silkstone Barbie wig in the setup below is still factory attached to its original wig stand that comes with the Silkstone Spa Retreat Barbie set.

The hat stands shown in this entire post are from Barbie Fashion Fever hat, scarf & handbag sets. Having them for the setups is a much better to show them than without, which I tried to do when I first started selling, but they just didn’t look right. So, when I found these Fashion Fever hat stands, I was able, finally, to photograph and sell some of the hats I’d been collecting!

The handbags shown in the setup group below are from Fashion Royalty Jason Wu, and Silkstone Barbie sets. Barbie is by Mattel; Fashion Royalty Jason Wu is by Integrity Toys.

I really like the little hat below; I ended up keeping it instead of selling it. I’m not sure on the flower yet; I might get more diversity from it without, not sure yet. But I do like it, even though it will shadow over the doll’s eyes. But… maybe there’s a character in the doll story who is mysterious or wears hats? I don’t know yet, but I kept it!

The group setup below is a mix of Fashion Royalty Jason Wu and Silkstone Barbie again. Silkstone Barbies and many of the Fashion Royalty dolls can wear the same clothes; and each have exquisite fashion lines! I couldn’t believe the detail on some of them! I know!

The pink satin panty, garter, stockings are from the Fashion Royalty Jason Wu Veronique Perrin Fashion Plate set. The two hats, little faux gator clutch purse, gloves are from Silkstone Barbie sets.

The red setup group below is one of my favorite accessory setups so far! I think its adorable! The little felt pillbox hat with the rosette is handmade (not by me). The straw hat with red satin & organza and the shiny red shoes are from a Coca Cola After The Walk Barbie, which comes with a turn of the century vintage outfit (not shown); I kept the shoes and hat to sell as accessories, sold the outfit separately.

Oh! The quotes at the top of this post and a lot of these doll posts are grabbed at random from my Franklin Planners; am adding them as reminders that I’d like to write specific thoughts or details about particular dolls, clothes, and/or accessories (like these). Plus, I like quotes!

I will add more info later!

Photos © 2019 by Krystyn Hartman


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  1. Linda Moody says:

    It is all about the accessories! I used to be in the “RedHats” and attend tea parties! I loved dressing up with all the jewelery, hats, shoes and handbags! Barbie’s should be able to do this too!

    Liked by 1 person

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