More hats for Barbie dolls!

“Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.” — James B. Conant

I do so enjoy photographing doll hats! Well, not on dolls, but on the hat mannequins. See how the hats shadow the eye part of the mannequins? When photographing for the doll story, I don’t use hats very often because of that shadowing. But it they are still fun to photograph when I set them up for sale on the hat mannequins!

The hat mannequin, green plaid hat & gold handbag in the setup above are from a Barbie Fashion Fever set.

Pink camouflage hat, dog tags, and skirt in the setup above are from a Hard Rock Cafe Barbie set. The little clothes pins are outrageously handy for photographing skirts that don’t work on the mannequins. Those skirts with built-in panty, for example, won’t fit the mannequins, so the clothespins work fine! I got them at a fabric store in the clearance section; they were in a Halloween decoration set of some sort.

The setup below features a Fashion Fever scarf with faux fur trim, and hat that has gold sparkle threads in it; kind of hard to see in the photos, but this is another of my favorite doll hats.


By the way, the quotes on this and a lot of these doll posts are grabbed at random from my Franklin Planners; am adding them as reminders that I still need to write specific thoughts or details about this particular doll/dress.

I have so many photos I need to just get them up here so I can delete them from my computer files. I will add more info later!

Photos © 2019 by Krystyn Hartman

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