New Year & New Attitude for this Gal On The Go!

I simply love this sophisticated handmade classic style paisley dress and accessories for Silkstone Barbie — for several reasons.

Silkstone Barbie Gal On The Go wearing handmade dress, crownless hat & jewelry. Faux leather handbag is from the Mattel Barbie Melrose Morning fashion set.

For starters, I was looking for the right post-holiday “attitude” for getting back into “Go” mode for the first week of the new year, the new Roaring 20s of our time and voila! The Silkstone Gal On The Go Barbie with this dress just seemed to capture it: Strong & lovely, confident & steady, aware & present. A quiet boldness, blending the humble artistry of the handmade with the sculptural elegance of the Silkstone.

But that’s not the only reason. Not only is it a fabulous fashion set, but it was purchased by a very cool, very fun collector customer. (After photographing dolls and fashion sets, I list them for sale on my ebay store, which affords me the opportunity to then get more, you know, to photograph. I’m photographing them for a series of “Doll Therapy Look Books” I’m working on, which I’ll post about later. In short, I guess I still feel the need for excuses at having such an indulgent hobby at this stage of life! I know, right?)


So, here’s to a strong & lovely, confident & steady, aware & present strong, confident, embrace of the new year, this dawn of the newest Roaring 20s! Happy New Year & Here We Go!

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2019


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