2020 is most definitely our year


Not even a month into the new year and already everything feels … I don’t have the word or words yet, but they’ll come to me… For now, I can only think to quote Nina Simone, “Birds up in the sky, you know how I feel… and I’m feelin’ goooood…”

When I started putting this set together for a listing, I thought, oooooooo; something about it just made me smile and I just happened to have that song playing in the background. I know, right?

This is one of those sets that challenges me when listing for my online store because I’ve had the separate pieces for a while and none have labels inside so I can’t remember which sets they originally came from, but they’re so cool! I do know the black sweater is a Randall Craig because that I still had in the original package, but that’s it!

And of course pants are challenging because my mannequins don’t have legs and are shorter than a standing doll. Of course, that’s my excuse for trying it on different dolls (um, no, I’m not playing Barbies) for best showing it.


I chose a Silkstone A Day At The Races Barbie to model the pants and top. She has pierced ears and I wanted to include the earrings. (Not all of my Silkstones have pierced ears and I’m too chicken to poke holes in their expensive little heads.)

And I love that city scapes skirt. Again, no idea which set it originally came from. I purchased it by itself from someone else because I just love it! I’ve always wanted a skirt of my own with a city scape on it like that but I just can’t get my head around it enough that it looks right. (Yes, I’ve ruined a few skirts trying, ha!)


“… and I’m feelin’ goooood.”

Photos by Krystyn Hartman (c) 2020


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