DIY: Luxe Bed-and-Wardrobe-In-a-Box For Doll Diorama

As an online seller of dolls and doll clothes, I’m always looking for creative ways to display them. I love cool boxes and when I ran across some cool photo boxes, I thought, hmmm….

The result of my latest quick & easy DIY project for doll dioramas is this very cool bed-and-wardrobe-in-a-box set starting with a dazzling photo box!

I made the bedding and retrofitted the photo box, but other sewists made the shimmer dresses and flannel pajamas.

For the fabulous comforter, I used a specialty cosplay fabric by Yaya Han, purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. The bottom sheet is white satin sewn around 1” cushy foam.

I used hex nuts to secure the little wooden dowel for the wardrobe, then added a mirror to the inside lid. (Super glue is amazing.)

The bed packs into the lid Murphy-Bed style and the entire thing packs into the box. I know, right? I love this! Can’t wait to make more!

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