After photographing and selling hundreds of Barbies and their clothes online this past year, I thought it such a waste to simply toss all those photos, along with all the interesting things I’ve learned about them.

Enter MyDollStory.com, a resource for doll collectors who would like to know more about and contribute information — and stories — about specific dolls.

All photos on this site are © by Krystyn Hartman unless otherwise noted.

I will post and write about them over time, so please know that this site is brand new, under construction, and a constant work in progress. Because I do have so many doll photos, I will likely start by just getting the photos posted, then add more information later. My hope is that doll collectors and fans will add their own doll stories too.

Again, this site is very much in the early construction stages, so thank you for your patience.


Doll shown on this page is Brunette Brilliance Barbie by fashion designer Bob Mackie.

Photos by Krystyn Hartman © 2018-2019